Semicure Nail, Made of Real Gel 

Semicure Nail,
Made of Real Gel 

Semicure nail is a whole new type of gel nail that is made of the actual gel which is cured up to only 60% so it can easily be worn on any nails.

After curing the rest of 40% with UV lamp, the gel becomes completely hardened as the real gel nail polish. 

Every Shape of Nails

Our product is designed to be stretchable to fit any size of nails.
This contains 30 pieces in 15 different sizes for small to large nails.

C-curved Design Fits Perfect

C-curved Design
Fits Perfect

Due to the fact that our semicure nail is flexible, you can attach it to
the nail to the zero point which makes no lifting that would cause
your hair got caught on.

* Zero Point: The thickness of nails become 0mm as it reaches to the edge

Beauty Beyond Compare

Our semicure nail is made of 3 different gel layers with the following:
base gel, color gel, and top gel.

The base gel is designed to protect the nail, but it also holds onto the color gel which is layered over the base gel. 

And, we put the top gel over it with high-quality designs which go on top such as gems, glitters, nacre, and gel polish.  

We Care Nails

Our products are made of cosmetic ingredients that are perfectly safe for your nails from any damage.
This causes no damage even when you peel our nails off.  

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