ohora semicure nail
is designed to be easily applied on your nails without any hassles, but it is also made to protect your nail from damage when you remove it. 
You can make your own nails more beautiful at home with a short amount of time.

How To Apply

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01. Clean any oil and moisture on your nails.

Wash your hands and use the prep pad to make sure your nails are clean and dry

* Sweat, moisture, hand cream, oil on your nails can reduce adhesion of the semicured gel.

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02. Pick the size.

Choose the semicured gel that fits your nail size and remove the clear film.

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03. Apply the semicured gel.

Apply the semicured gel slightly apart from the cuticle line.

* Please check the cuticle direction stated on the strip.

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04. Zero point.

Firmly press the edges to complete the zero point. It will help the semicured gel to last longer and prevent hair from getting caught.

* Zero Point: The thickness of nails become 0 mm as it reaches to the edge.

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05. Trimming (Filing).

Use the nail file to trim the leftovers.

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06. Curing.

It is recommended to cure 1 ~ 3 times for the ohora UV/LED lamp

* When the semicured gel is perfectly cured, it becomes sturdy, retentive and shiny.

How to keep the items left

Please store the unused strips in the case.

1. Avoid direct sunlight. Exposure to UV light may cause the semicured gel harden.

2. Store the product at room temperature (68°F  to 86°F). If stored under low temperatures, the semicured gel can harden as well.
In the case that happens, place the nails in a warm environment to make it soften again.

* Place the hardened semicured gel under body temperature for 10 minutes to soften it again.

 Tips  for gem strips

01. Check the gems and your nail size.

Your nail should be bigger than 1.2cm to use semicured gel with the gem.
Use a thumb drive to measure if your nail is bigger than it.

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02. Apply protection semicured gel before the gem nail.

Apply the protection semicured gel that fits your nail.

* It protects your nail from damages by scratch, air bubbles, oil, and moisture.

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03. Firmly press the gem and around it.

After applying semicured gel with the gem, gently press down the edges of
the gem to remove any remaining air bubbles and to stick it more adhesive.

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04. Cure around the gem's edges.

After curing, cure 1 ~ 2 times more on each sides of the gem to strengthen semicured gel's adhesiveness.

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  Tips from ohora crew

★ Tip 1. Make your own size

If you can't find the semicured gel that fits your nail size, pick one that is smaller than your nail and stretch it to fit your nail size.

* Make sure your hand and nail is clean and dry to keep its adhesion by prep pad

★ Tip 2. How to trim easily.

Cut your semicured gel slightly longer than your nails before placing it, and trim it with the nail file after curing.

* File the nails in one direction for the perfect trim.

Cut it like this!

Rip it off with finger

Scratch it on the table

Cut it with the nail clipper

How to Remove

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To minimize nail damage, soak repeatedly the enclosed wood stick with a remover.

Push the stick gently from the edges to the cuticle.

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