Hello, this is a branding director from ohora.

I'd like to tell you the behind story how I’ve planned about this spring energy collection.
Spring is a season that means a new start.
I thought a lot about what kind of message it would be good to deliver the feeling of spring to our customers as a collection that has an important message to open the first season of spring. 

We focused on the energy of spring, the season when all things wake up.

The frozen ground melts, and flowers bloom on the ground and branches that were thought to be dead. On the dry concrete road, people begin to look bright.

As such, spring energy is the power to live for a year. This spring energy collection delivers energy and vitality to ohora's customers' fingernails and hopes that they will start this spring with a happier, cooler and more energetic look.

Please show a lot of love for this new collection. 

Behind the scene

ohora prepares to shoot according to each collection's mood. Dress, hair, and accessories we prepared are all designed to suit the concept of each design. For this collection, we added an energetic feeling to the floral feeling that comes to customers’ minds when spring comes to mind in line with spring's "energy of the season when all things wake up."

At the ohora visual filming site, experts from various fields such as brand directors, photographers, stylists, hair and makeup artists, and nail artists are always working to convey the meaning and value of ohora's nail design to customers.

It’s time to meet Spring Energy Collection now for the 2020 Spring! 

Designer's note

Even if people wear the same nails, each nail creates a different feeling depending on which fashion item you match.

Meet our proposed Spring Energy Collection look. 

N Pink Breeze

"The pattern of nail, which is expressed like watercolor paint, is used to create a flower-like nail that can be used for daily use by combining flower patterns and calm pink colors. If you match the top and bottom of the chiffon material for spring, you can see the value of the pink breeze by highlighting its unique flower pattern. Also, matching a dress with a subtle pattern makes someone's look lovely."

N Blueberry Jam

"Solid-color nails look different depending on how to match them with catchy accessories. If you like white or silver color look, you can wear accessories with light blue like N Blueberry Jam to create a different feeling."

N Blooming

"This nail that I’ve really wanted to do in the spring season. Therefore, I designed to put cherry blossoms that will fill the streets soon in fingernails in order to treat Spring. Nails with beautiful colors and petals of cherry blossoms will give you a bright spring. N Blooming is basically a combination of beige and coral, so it's a great design to match with a blouse that reminds you of spring. In addition, you can maximize loveliness by matching simple accessories of rose gold."

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