Don’t you think it’s wonderful to custom design your own nails?

Our latest mix & match collection offers you an unique opportunity to combine your favorite colored nails together with beautiful gems in order to design your personal, one of a kind combination!

Please become the first one who discovers our beautiful full colored gels as well as our brand new gem strips!
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Do you know what your personal color is?

Working on the collection has given me an opportunity to think about what my favorite color is and which color suits me best. With ohora’s ‘my color chart’, discover which color blends well with your skin tone and create your own signature nail collection! 

[ Personal Color Test]

There are four skin undertones based on the colors that suit you best.

Place your finger on top of each color box!  

If you have noticed a color that makes your skin look bright and clear, then you have found your personal color! Please scroll down to check which nail colors go best with you skin undertone!

(Disclaimer: please keep in mind that the result might vary depending on your surroundings) 

[ Personal Color Design]

Spring Warm types usually have warm yellow or peach undertones. If you’ve got warm spring tone, you should look great with lovely, vivid colors!

Summer Cool types usually have pink or blue undertones. If you’ve got cool summer tone, go for mint or blue to give chic and calm look.

Autumn Warm types usually have warm yellow or peach undertones. Warm autumn palette features rich, warm and deep colors.

If you’ve got cool winter tone, you should have cool blue or rosy pale undertones. Cold, vivid colors should suit you best, giving you an urban chic look.

[ Mix & Match + ]

A lot of you have requested for a separate gem strips - and here they are! We have launched semicured gel strips composed exclusively of splendid gems!

Enjoy mix & match with our brand new gem strips of all sizes and colors! 

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