It was our first attempt to take cute concept photoshoot,
and the studio was filled with lovely vibe.
Our model really showed us well how to spend holidays at home.
Watching her playing the guitar and dancing
while holding a broomstick reminded me of a cute french movie - Amelie.

Meet our 9 different sets of ‘Home Vacance' Collection

1. N Jelly Bean

N Jelly Bean is a combination of cute colors that remind us of little jellies!
Simply looking at this makes me feel good! 

2. N Molly

N Molly is a retro patterned nail.
It’s such a lovely design, characterized by cute matte dots!

3. N Your Ocean

N ocean is a drawing nail, representing waves and ocean breeze.
Adorable details of water plants gives a fresh touch to your nails 

4. N Toys

N Toys is a patterned nail with tons of cute details.
It will grab your attention immediately with cute colors and drawings. 

5. N My Crayon

N My Crayon’s passionate red color and its unique pattern will draw everyone’s attention to your hand - even from about 100 yards away! 

6. P Mono Terrazzo

Terrazzo is widely used material in interior design, and ohora was inspired by its trendy pattern in creating our brand new P Mono Terrazzo. 

7. P Hawaiian Fruits

Inspired by tropical summer heat, P Hawaiian Fruits is decorated by
yellow, green, pineapples and Gingham checks.
Feel the summer holidays coming with our fruity design!

8. P Cherry Crush

Discover P Cherry Crush’s kitsch mix of cherries and gingham checks!
It will bring you to a journey filled with sweet cherry fragrance

9. P My Daisy

P My Daisy was inspired by fresh summer breeze and clear sky.
Its true charm lies in its delicate mix between matte and glossy texture.

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