Hello, this is a branding director from ohora. 

This Free Spirit collection is for those who literally have free souls.The nail colors in this collection will be the point of the style of those who express themselves in a progressive and wonderful way. If you enjoy wearing comfortable and denim looks, you can try to mix and match gems or art design semicure nails with various denim color nails in this collection to make your own style. 

behind story

"In the case of this free spirit collection, as I have planned to capture a free and active mood in camera, I tried to create a pleasant and comfortable scene like where two close friends playing together and doing their nails. Surprisingly, the two models who were cast were actually close, so we could film comfortably without any hassles, even creating a more natural atmosphere." 

"Even while taking a break from filming, the models took selfies with each other's cell phones. This free spirit collection shines the friendship between the two cute models! "

Designer's note

Even if people wear the same nails, each nail creates a different feeling depending on which fashion item you match.

Meet our proposed Spring Energy Collection look. 

N Stitch

"Solid color nail for perfect coloring. N Stitch that matches denim really well is a basic item that can express a sophisticated and trendy sensibility!"

N Liz

"Solid color nail for perfect coloring. It's another basic item that captures the confident and free feeling. Also, N Liz is a color that makes your hands look white and looks good on jeans, suits, and any look."

N Washing Jean

"Solid color nail for perfect coloring. It's a basic item that makes you think of vintage jeans. As you can see from the name, it's like faded jeans, when it matches a neutral look, you can dress up as a trendy look with N Washing Jean."

N Denim Jean

"Solid color nail for perfect coloring. This is the last basic item in this collection that stands out the most standard blue color that comes to mind when you think of jeans. You can create a more sophisticated look by applying N Denim Jean with wearing denim to denim fashion that no one can challenge with a cool silver accessory."

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