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"While filming the Camellia Wedding collection, there were so many staff empathized that Western style wedding dresses were so beautiful, but Hanbok which is Korean traditional dress with its own unique beauty went well with this collection. There were also ohora crew who said they wanted to get married wearing Hanbok." 

Meet this Camellia Collection makes the bride's beauty even more beautiful!

Designer's note

What did the designers of ohora come up with this collection, which is based on the beauty of camellia?

N Innocent

"This nail is a combination of soft cream color and glitter to make it look more glam. By adding gold-colored gems on top, we completed a luxurious mood. Anyone wearing this combination will look the most shining of the day!"

N Classic

"A nail with droplet-shaped pearl gems. The classic color combination is a good match for any look. Brown color, glitter, and droplet-shaped pearl parts will make your fingertips elegant."

N Queen

"The basic French nail in a crisp white color. By adding gems to the white color that gives a neat impression, this creates a refined look for any look. Isn't it so cool to imagine wearing a white suit and white shoes with a queen on your hand?"

N Day Dream

"This is ohora signature mother-of-pearl style nail with pastel colors that remind you of spring. It is a design that gives a fresh and lovely feeling with a light color combination.
If you are preparing for a wedding, Hanbok could be the dress you may wear as often as a wedding dress, so I expressed the elegance of Hanbok with a calm color and nacre on point."

N Petal

"This is a heart-style French nail with the feeling of petals. Try to blossom at the end of your nails in a pink color that suits any hand. If you match with flower pattern accessories or clothes, you can create both lovely and cute feelings."

P Diamant

" A bright full glittery pedicure. It's a pink glitter pedicure that will make your toes look brighter and more lively 365 days a year, as well as the wedding season."

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