Powder nails are gel nails with fine pearl powder on top,
characterized by its unique colors.

Inspired the nails’ unique and mysterious colors,
we named our collection ‘aurora’.

For those of you who were reluctant to try
powder nails for its complicated application,
ohora has created the ultimate aurora collection with our advanced technology.

Discover our enchanting aurora collection!

@brand director

N Delight

N Delight is a charming soft pink powder nail, together with iridescent gems. The gem’s shimmering glow will show beautiful colors that change with movement. 

N Nocturne

N Nocturne’s beautiful combination of elegant colors and gems offer your hand a luxurious look. 

N Evening Moon

The ultimate mix of pink powder, purple matte details and blinding gems​ will mesmerize you.  

P Iridescent ​

Meet our shimmering blue powder​ and blinding glitters - inspired by​ the mermaid's enchanting voice.​ 

P Wanderlust

Our gradient pedicure of peach colors and nacre details will inspire your wanderlust! 

P Haze

Discover your Midsummer Night’s Dream with P Haze’s serene and pure colors. 

The season for heels, sandals and flip-flops has finally arrived.
We have prepared a gem pedicure collection that goes perfectly
with all kinds of fashion styles.

Meet ohora’s jewelry pedi collection and add a stylish touch to your everyday look. 

P La boom

P La boom is an elegant pedicure with gold framed gem and orange syrup color. Give your toes a juicy look! 

P Minuet

P Minuet is a lovely pedicure with bright lemon color and iconic gems. All eyes will be on your cute pedis! 

P Desperado

With P Desperado’s chic black pedicure and luxurious gem combination, you will look glam in every outfit! 

P Cordelia

The beautiful combination of​ pure white pedicures and fresh blue gems​ will remind you of the summertime ocean breeze.​ 

P Darby​

Our one of a kind design,​ featuring matte pedicures and mysterious square gems,​ will make your look special than ever before.​ 

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